Amazing Herbs PREMIUM Black Seed Oil XL Softgels 1250mg

Amazing Herbs PREMIUM Black Seed Oil XL Softgels 1250mg

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Premium Black Seed Oil Soft Gel formulation delivers potent and effective natural Oil intended for oral administration. It contains the proper amount of Omega fatty acid and 5x Thymoquinone. Amazing herbs used high-grade Nigella Sativa seeds for the extraction of Oil with enormous health benefits. It supports cardiovascular function, promotes healthy joints, and aid the immunity system. Moreover, Black Cumin Seed Oil helps gastrointestinal function and improve brain function that restores vitality and improve life quality.

Premium Black Seed Oil Soft Gel formulation by Amazing Herbs deliver 5x Thymoquinone combined with other bioactive compounds that assist vital physiological functions and promotes wellbeing.

The soft gel capsule formulation of Black Cumin Seed Oil is manufactured in a well-certified facility in the USA. Each Step of manufacturing always supervised by a qualified team of experts using GMP guidelines. A third-party lab tested the end product's safety, purity, and efficacy for better health outcomes. Moreover, the final formulation does not contain gluten, preservative, and any hidden synthetic chemicals. The softgel is made with Bovine (Halal Gelatin).

Features of Premium Black Seed Oil Soft Gel
  • Potent formulation of Natural Ingredients.
  • Gluten free and Non-GMO.
  • No Preservatives or Hidden Synthetic Chemicals.
  • Increase Body Resistance.
  • Support Digestive Health.
  • Improve Lung function.
  • Aid Cardiovascular function.
  • Help Joint Mobility and Brain function.
  • Cold-pressed method of extraction.
  • Effective for both Men and Women.