Metabolic Nutrition Tri Pep
Metabolic Nutrition Tri Pep
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Metabolic Nutrition Tri Pep

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Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep 400g

From Metabolic Nutrition comes the latest in their stellar supplement lineup, Tri-Pep, a designer tripeptide BCAA powder. This unique BCAA (branched chain amino acid) supplement is unlike anything else in our warehouse and was specially formulated to both improve taste, bioavailability, and metabolic function. Metabolic Nutrition wanted to create an amino supplement that both maximized effectiveness and tasted great, which is certainly the case with Tri-Pep. By placing a peptide bonded amino acid structure to the individual BCAA’s, Metabolic Nutrition eliminated the chemical taste that accompanies most BCAA supplements. What’s more, this peptide bond dramatically increases the absorption and effectiveness of BCAA’s, protecting them from the harsh environment of your digestive system so that they are absorbed almost immediately into the blood stream. This means that you will see massive improvements in your post-workout recovery as soon as you take your first sip of Tri-Pep, both with reduced overall recovery time as well as reduced muscle soreness and fatigue. Tri-Pep is especially productive for athletes or fitness enthusiasts on a low calorie diet or those who are trying to lose weight. A reduced calorie diet can put a lot of stress on your body, especially during exercise, which can lead to catabolism – the process by which our bodies consume valuable muscle protein for energy. With Tri-Pep, you can ensure that your body states in an anti-catabolic state, instead using body fat stores for energy. This means that no matter how hard you train, you will preserve your lean muscle mass and reduce your overall body fat stores, leading to an overall increase in size and strength gains. If you’re ready for a BCAA supplement that doesn’t have a gritty/chemical taste, mixes well, and goes to work quickly, Tri-Pep is the right choice for you. Order your tub of Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri-Pep today and experience faster recovery and bigger gains!

Directions and Dosage

Metabolic Nutrition recommends taking 1-2 scoops before, during, or after your workout. For maximal effectiveness, take an additional scoop when you want to deliver more amino acids to your recovering muscles.

Available Flavors

Blue Raspberry
Green Apple

Ingredients and Label




  • Peptide-bonded BCAA’s for maximum absorption
  • Dramatically improves post-workout recovery
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Improves athletic endurance
  • Stimulates protein synthesis and lean muscle growth
  • Supports anti-catabolic activity
  • Enhances strength and power